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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 3, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> this is the kron4 news. >> they give for joining us on monday october 3rd. >> we are starting with the big story which is the weather. we have a lane on the way an already falling in some spots. >> here is a live shot from the bay bridge. we have the sun coming up. that is nice but it will not hang around long. a lot of cloud cover all the way. a quick look at the map, you'll see where the rain is falling, from eureka to ukiah get past that. as we push in closer, it is just past healdsburg. the rain is beginning to a dance slightly. santa rosa, expect to see light rainfall in your area and this will continue to spread to the
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south. santa rosa is beginning to see the very edges of that light rain. the fund continues to push along. when it hit san francisco we're looking at did. that gives you a sense of the timing. no. they between now and it new-line is 20 see the rain fall. san francisco and the rest of the bay area will be after the noon hour. we could very well see moderate rainfall over the heart of the bay, 6:00 p.m.. right in the set
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for wednesday is a second round, a wet ground, as it moves through wednesday morning, look at how intense it grows. by 5:00 a.m. will have a very intense green pushing on to the center of the bay in will continue to push on wednesday, a wet right in to work. here is your 74 cats. monday and tuesday will be wet with the break in between and then friday hopefully things will go great for fleetweek. around san francisco and the coast, upper 60s and low seventies for fleetweek. let's get a look at traffic and say good morning to george. >> it is a good ride around the bay area. we're still not looking for any hot spots. we have the building
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traffic at the bay bridge. the drive time is running at 13-14 minutes with a back up just past the first over crossing westbound. expect a typical drive time today. how likely a 18 minute drive for the bay bridge. you're right on the san mateo bridge as a pickup our camera on the toll plaza. we're definitely looking at a normal volume heavy but the right looks good. the golden gate bridge or i will take you no time to the toll plaza. there are no backups on the approach. our camera is located right at the toll plaza. you're right on 580 is getting heavy from livermore to dublin. heavy from 680 southbound and 80 from hayward into fremont. these are typical pattern.
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we promised to update your peninsular ride. here is the look. great for the traffic coming of of the san mateo bridge. if no delays connected from 101 for either the northbound or southbound lanes. >> a developing story we have been falling out of san leandro, the search continues this morning qr suspects who shot and killed three people as they were getting out of this party early sunday morning. the shootings took place at 1:00 a.m. on sunday. a 16 year- old, 19 years old and a third person were killed. will tran anh was light at the scene where the shootings took place. >> the shootings took place right here in the parking lot of this industrial area and >>stanley: android. you can see the glass on the ground. the victims were near their car when shots rang out.
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three people were shot and have not life-threatening injuries along with the three fatalities. they said survived their injuries. i can tell you, this happened after a taxi party. apparently an organizer to cannot april but did not get a permit. that is exported. if if you have a permit, perhaps are required to have security guards and toward his family at the police department to monitor the situation. according to this alien to a police department, that never happened and they were surprised by the shooting. they still have a lot to do. there is no motive behind the shooting. we did get a chance to speak with a father of one of the murder victims who said his daughter was caught in the crossfire and he believes perhaps one of the other people died, perhaps a 23 year-old man was targeted and maybe he got into some sort of confrontation with the suspects and
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unfortunately his daughter was the wrong place at the wrong time. much more on this story later. >> statistics a.m.. in national news, and today we begin the second week in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's personal physician. he is being blamed for killing jackson. call this morning a jury is expected to hear testimony from to emergency room doctors pronounced the singer said. the trial began at 849 this morning. another story we are falling, overseas deliberations in the trial of a man deadlocks. she is the college student from seattle. if she is making one last plea in front of an appeals court with accusations that she killed her british roommate or unfair and groundless. she is accused of killing her
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roommate in 2009. knox maintained her innocence to the jury today. >> i always wanted justice for her. i am not discounting the truth and i have never tried to escape the trees. i am sick on the trip. i insist on my innocence. it is true and it has to be defended and recognized. the jury may come down with a verdict as early as today. it could either set her free or sentence her to life in prison. >> here is what is just into the kron4 news from. as a man deadlocks gave the speech of her life, all are expected to hear from the family of a woman who was
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specter to hear some pleas from the victim's family. we will take a break and be back with more after this.
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birchers should go this afternoon. we're only or the to 72 percent as a it sedative for or more. we are
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now warming up all that much. there is no supplies. here is your 70 forecasts. he sought on tuesday with a brief break. wednesday is a stronger storm. look for that in my next update. saturday and sunday with warmer to address to enjoy for fleetweek. >> good morning. we are not yet tracking any hot spots but we are looking at steadily building traffic on the bay bridge off a toll plaza. the drive times are increasing is 16 minutes for your westbound bay bridge right with the backup between 880 and west grand ave. no big changes on this and detailed bridge commute. the volume is up
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but the drive times are still 15 minutes from hayward of foster city. the golden gate bridge looks good from waldegrave on to the stand and along oil strike. westbound 80 ride looks release notes for the trip to the lower east shore freeway. we will update the south bay coming up and our next report. right now let's go to the kron4 news from with justine waldman with an update. >> we are falling like pictures into the newsroom out of italy where the
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family of the meredith kirch is speaking to the media. the 21 year-old british stated that amanda knox is accused of killing. her family has just taking the podium. [foreign language] foreign- language bac >> the press conference in italy is beginning an italian. we will monitor the situation as we do expect her parents and other family members, they are a part of the family of meredith skirts are, they're hoping to get some justice for their daughter. the british steel was the murder victim
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here. the roommate of amanda knox. inside the courtroom are two judges and six jurors making a decision to set amanda knox free or sentence her to life in prison. we do expect a ruling within the next four hours but it could come today or tomorrow. if a verdict comes down will bring its u.s. soon as we hear. >> police in palo alto are keeping a close eye on traffic around a school zones. >>jackie: sizzle is alive with what police are calling operation safe passage. >> police in palo alto will be keeping an eye on situations like this. i am
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on california street right in front of school. crosswalk right there. it is called operation safe passage. they did this a couple of times a year to highlight ct around schools. they will be monitoring things like making sure you are not speeding through a school zone and making sore that you were yielding to pedestrians. they are making sure the kids on bikes have on helmets. they make sure that there are no jayhawkers. this comes on the heels of what happened last week in east palo alto where a seven year-old girl was struck and killed inside a crosswalk on her way to school with her parents. this really highlights the reason why they have this operation. they are trying to get the word out to be safe from the school's own. turbulence in
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the skies last night leading to a dozen people injured on two separate placflights. in the first flight, just look, seven people were flying from pr to boston. passengers or even prod from their seats. >> people on board at flight dallas it became so acted a passenger at to translate over the loudspeaker to spanish- speaking travelers. another passenger was a petition helped those were injured. what they landed, people were of value we did for neck and back pain.
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>> i have experienced long periods of turbulence, going through a storm or something, but this was out of the blue and a huge drop. >> in the second flight it was loss tons a headed from north carolina to munich germany. it was forced to make an emergency landing in boston because of heavy turbulence. 11 people were on the flight. officials say that none of those were into serious condition. they were treated there on the tarmac. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. you up
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at you >> we have a storm system
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today and a strong run coming true on wednesday. it will cause us to have a winter storm watch in effect for the sierra tuesday into wednesday. gusty winds at the ridges. there will be hazardous driving conditions. you will need your chains if you're planning on going over the passes. more on what this what will do for us in the bay area during my next update. >> ended this morning, the secretary of defense is making his first official trip to israel as secretary of defense. he will be meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders off to jump-start peace talks. for security reasons he says it is important for the united states to help israel reestablish relations with palestinians. >> my main message to both sides is, you did not lose anything by going into negotiations and trying to pursue the peace process
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that everyone in the world is hopeful can begin. >> after meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders fee is expected to make a stop in egypt to meet with officials there. >> inspections at the washington monument will resume today. inspections or stopped on friday after a strong wind gusts blue one of the workers who was groped and off of the monument, he swung about 30 ft. away. inspectors are assessing the outside of the monument falling damage from the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked back in august. the crews have checked out the inside of the monument and found the building is structurally sound. 7:27 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we're looking at clouds and rain. it will be right back. he he ee and
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>> did story to we are falling, did changes in the leather. rain are riding in the bay area today. we'll have details on what will the neighborhood coming out. cash is still garrisons have begun this morning in the trial of amanda knox, the college student from seattle is making a last the in front of an appeals court in italy. she's accused of killing her british roommate. she could be set free if the jury decides to do so. today is the second week in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. >> live in the weather center with james to take a look at the rain and when it will take your neighborhood.
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>> from ukiah north, light- moderate rainfall. it is the bay area that we are watching. as i said, around noon is where sid francisco should get the rain. in the overnight hours the rain will break up. on tuesday we have a press in between
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storms. this storm will make its way down and into our area by wednesday. . here is your 70 forecast. we have conditions improving as we get past wednesday. thursday will be dealing with showers here and there. temperatures on the rise. saturday and sunday is looking good with plenty of sunshine. cox as gannett 85 in
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no delays. the spots that could start to back things up. in marin county and san fell, heading towards linking is were the slowest traffic is southbound, still under 33 minutes. >>stanley: cup >> dysthymia if needed
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>> one of the places, so
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that is perhaps a security guard in cook father of one of the girls that was shot and killed believes his daughter coming up at 80 yen. >> in other news around the bay, the governor has signed a bill that will prevent local governments from banning deals circumcision. the bill was written in response to a ballot as a
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proposed in san francisco. backers collect more than 7007 a ticket to put the measure october ballot to outlaw the circumcision uphill of most the people east. it was later blocked by a judge. the supreme court begins a guitar to it. the first order business is disposing of appeals in more than 1000 cases that have piled up over the summer. after that the justices will hear arguments on the case till your help for his plan to cut medicaid payments to doctors, hospitals and other radical provide to close the state's budget gap. the issue is whether the providers and medicaid recipients could go to court to block those reductions to take effect. >> on wall street, after a report cannot showing in an expected increase now it is
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backed out. >> outside of wall street, protestors are dressed as corporate zombies in degree wall street brokers. check out the pictures we're getting into the freezer of what is happening. the habits had protested after three weeks. kron4 or his will be right back.
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>> good morning >>gary: . >> this morning. >> let's talk about the 49ers. everyone is talking about their amazing second out. dow 20 points and added three touchdowns. how is this going to change people's feelings about alex smith? he still looked at the game and say, michael vick was better. >> but who won the game? let's give credit to the coach. that is what coaches come to the front and, in a close game. did you have a coach that knows what they're doing, but they win a close game. it got it ...
7:46 am
at ... and when players are on the road, you get >> you have dinner and
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breakfast together. when you are at home, you are worried about getting tickets for your friends and kids getting up for school you really do to think about yourself and your team or on the road. >> it doesn't really matter, there are three-one. they looked terrific. >> philadelphia, talk about a town that will be down on their team. everyone thought it would be super bowl champs. >> how about their raiders? this looked like they were slaughtered by the patriots. let's focus on tom repassing to joe montana record but [foreign language >> the patriots had injuries. >> as long as you have a brady, they are a tough team to beat. >> we had a lot of
7:48 am
penalties. there were nine of them there was a state's mask penalty, there were two penalties on seymour. >> there was one particularly early in the to try to prove a point? >> that is it's human nature, isn't it? get that much time grady, can we least focus on thomas grady? he is a homeboy. he got a
7:49 am
>> i like disorder here. he >> this kid football player is 11 years old. he is so good that they instituted a rule is called the madre hill rule. he played for oakland. he told the kid, you scored so many touchdowns, if your team is ahead by 14 points in you have already made a three touchdowns, you cannot be in the end zone. this kid plays in arkansas. it is funny because in this madre hill was so good that in those days, they made this role.
7:50 am
if she did not let your kid shot in to do what they can do? the first thing would be is is there a league where he can play with kids of his ability? >> the kid is 11 years old. he was an adorable kid. he is killing get on the field. >> years good. >> i am not going to worry about a kid in arkansas that is a talented. >> let's keep track of baseball. but got >> other chilies are the best team. can you think so? >> debt is unsettled cooling in. >> if you need every series in pro sports, nba, hockey,
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if you made all the best of five instead of the best of seven, each game would really have a lot of punch. i think lozi got caught in a wrong position. if you play the best of seven, most times the best team wins.
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>> there was plenty hot this weekend. i will talk to you tomorrow. we will take it to you tomorrow. >> usually you finished stronger. have the right out of material? >> i have something else, but i did not want to bring you down. >> go ahead. twin he died in what your ashes scattered, there is another company called holy smoke. they will packed shotguns with your assets instead said that he can give your loved ones these bullets that have been in them. i guess they can target practice with your ashes. >> if that is we want, go ahead. >> liked as a gun lovers think it is a fun thing. it
7:53 am
kind of brought me down to thing about. >> i will bring you back up. i want to be buried at the station, kron4. maybe during saturday in daybreak with ysabel duron and marty. >>ysabel: put the final nail on the coffin and marty will give a talk. then, they will try to sell was a cheap refrigerator. >> and then tumbled we will all dance.-corner and then, a local out in dance. >> google see you later.
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a quick look at strong airport. santa rosa on the edge of their reign as you make your way into the north bay. a complete look at your forecast coming up in a minute. >> all eyes on wall street. the dow is down 64 at 10,848. keep the our eyes on wall street throughout the morning. concerns about greece weighing on the market. >> the big news today is the weather. we have agreed already starting. we will tell you when it will hit your neighborhood. >> still a little sunshine and said francisco for now. uphil south rain rain is in
7:58 am
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south. he is on the edge of santa rosa. the rain is falling stock of healdsburg and coming down on the city line. folks there are getting to see some drops here in the air. will only grow as we head into the morning hours. there is ukiah in eureka. the rain pushing its way through slowly into shortly. san francisco since see the rain by man. watch a line of rain moved, hitting the city by new and interesting past into the afternoon. when if we have a moderate rain predicted over the bay and then it will slowly pushed on through the remainder of the evening and into the overnight hours it should break apart and exit the bay
8:01 am
area. family might have residual showers for tuesday but the rest of tuesday looks good. at the '60s and low 70's bay area wide. gone are the huge a temperature swings. '60s and '70s is pretty consistent. quito to
8:02 am
a.m., let's get an update on your commute. of potential hot spots. this crash of 85 near saratoga is a northbound, it has been cleared to the shoulder. there is less traffic on the approach. believe it or not the drive time is only seven minutes as the head outbound from highway 85 towards cupertino. this still well within normal range cut could be higher. that is not a bad a commute as a looks. there is no other slow traffic on the rest of your drive into
8:03 am
mountain view. if we are tracking a ride on 680 southbound. a minor crash at time is the minutes coming southbound off of 242 and 12 minutes of the 680. if those are still within normal range despite the slowing that occurred as a result of those accidents. if the last bell right, interstate 580, also want into little more. if here is a breed check for you. the west delta pride has backed up to west grand ave. a very slow with an 18-20 minute drive time in incident free on the upper deck. fact the san mateo bridge, highway 92 still in your drive time over foster city of hayward and your commute on the golden gate is still good and still lighter than usual traffic from marin county. drive times are running 34 minutes from the bottle to the
8:04 am
golden gate bridge. if we will take a look at the north bay right coming up in our next report. >> the latest out of san leandro or the search continues for suspects who shot and killed three people leaving a party. here was the scene yesterday. a 16 year-old, 19 year-old and a third person were killed in the shootings. will durant is live at the scene with the latest. >> fact they were attending a tattoo party cut one of the units in this industrial park area there is no reason for anyone to be here. the people who held this party did not have a permit. they are still trying to get ahold of the people who own this industrial park to find out exactly why there were no permits for the city of san leandro for this tech to party. this is where the
8:05 am
people were shot. he can see that there is glass on the ground. there were three fatalities. three people were hit but not life- threatening injuries. there were still no updates on their condition. according to the san leandro police department, at this time, and no motive as to why someone would drive by here. then montreal leading for her or what their manslaughter trial for michael jackson's adopted to begin to date. it is set to begin at 8:45 a.m.. are we
8:06 am
are expecting the to see that happen to. prosecutors are continuing their examination of michelle cooper, an emergency process is to get paramedics' per cent per ounce michael jackson did in his bedroom. authorities continue to say that dr. conrad murray gave jackson a lethal dose of propofol and other sedatives crab back in 2009. the attorney for murray is telling the jurors a totally different theory, that jackson gave himself that lethal dose. he is 58 and faces four years behind bars and the laws of this medical license if convicted. we expect some live pictures of jackson's family arriving in court and for test money to start again at about 845 a and. >> 80 7:00 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of
8:07 am
minutes. here's a live look outside at the mt. tam cam. we have clouds and rain. in healdsburg is already starting to sprinkle.
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>> in the dow is now down 40
8:10 am
with tears of greece defaulting on its debt. the greek government has announced it cannot meet the deadline if not for cuts expected for the next round along is to avoid default. manufacturing grew more than affected. the dow now at 10,865. >> deliberations in the trial of amanda knox, the college student from seattle film making a last plea in front of an appeals court in italy. fed accusations that she killed her british roommates are unfair and the crowd was according to her. she and her boyfriend were convicted of the killing of her roommate back in 2009. listen to some of the final word she told the jury today. >> always wanted justice for her. i am not escaping the truth. i have never tried to
8:11 am
escape the truth. i insist on the truth. i insist on my innocence because it is true in has to be defended and recognized. >> the final verdict for the jury in this appeal may come down as early as today. they could decide to set her free or sentence her to life in prison. >> a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues. we will hear from the family of the victim as the kron4 morning news continues. here is a live look from the golden gate. sunshine and grain to the north. unheede
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>> talking about the weather and tracking the storm. here is will it looks like on the radar. the friend is pushing through, but it has put the brakes on its health. as a reason in closer, it comes up near santa rosa and hangs there. it does not move too far. it is just past healdsburg. it stays and stalls a little bit. it is a slow mover but it is moving. we're going to predict that by a a.m. santa rosa will see more of a light rain. together, rather
8:15 am
intense, or write add or edit halter edt. all of this has to do with the rain pushing through today. it will dissipate as we head into the overnight hours. behind the front of our driver tuesday and even further back we have all wednesday's system. that will be stronger. wednesday morning, you'll see how heavy and slow the showers are. 5:00 a.m., a heavy squalls of rain. that is what we can expect for your morning drive. here is a 70 forecast. monday, tuesday
8:16 am
and wednesday. wet, dry, let. if i saturday and sunday, pretty good. sunshine in time for fleetweek. and not southbound right out of san leandro into fremont, things are pretty well a jammed up. delays of a 40 minute southbound for that short stretch of traffic. kings have gotten bogged down with a minor accident at stevenson but the fact is continuing to build. it has never fully recovered. your alternate route is not a good one, hesperian boulevard is the only real option but it is already heavily backed up. let's start your grid check at the bay bridge toll plaza. a 22 minute drive time coming out of 580-24. your best bet is
8:17 am
880 to the bay bridge this morning. the san detailed break right is a problem free. pretty good traffic, across highway 92 out to foster city boulevard in your right on highway 101, the golden gate bridge, let's take a look at the camera on the toll plaza, heavy volume but it easy ride. first, let's head to the south bay and update their right yesterday. was there one northbound, a 23 minute drive time. that is still not too bad from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway. although it is heavy, it is not bad. 85 is a potential hot spot that has fee cleared out pretty nicely. once or one southbound, 23 minutes, excuse me, 38 minute drive time now reported headed down from high with 37 to the toll
8:18 am
plaza of the golden gate bridge. it is a little heavy but i would not call that a hot spot. >> ended this morning, we just heard from the family of the meredith qr church, the british student that amanda knox is accused of killing. here is a picture of her. the sister of merit is held a press conference in italy. she said that meredith has almost been forgotten in this media circus surrounding this high-profile trial. take a listen. >> is very difficult to forgive anything at this stage. what i think everyone needs to remember is the brutality of what actually happened that night. >> everything that meredith must have felt that night,
8:19 am
everything she went through. not knowing why. she did not deserve that. no one deserves that. >> also stephanie said, justice will be served if the jury looks at the evidence and not the media hype. the verdict for amanda knox could be coming down at any hour. >> new this morning, on this date back in 1995, o.j. simpson was acquitted of the murder of his wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman. the trial lasted nine months. since and was later found liable for damages and a civil trial. today also marks the anniversary of the day simpson was found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery in connection with the hotel robbery in 2007. he was sentenced for up to 33 years behind bars by a nevada judge. >> 20 people on two separate flights that landed at boston's logan airport suffered from turbulence.
8:20 am
they were hurt in the air. nine people on a jet blue flight from san juan to boston were hurt last night including a person whose bold hot coffee on himself when the plane ride became bumpy. emergency medical technicians treated for people on the ground. none of them had to be hospitalized. there was a second flight were 11 people on a lufthansa flight had to be diverted and land at boston because of the turbulence that injured passengers. >> the united states has warned american travellers of possible retaliation attacks following the death of the top al-qaeda member. anwar al-awalki was killed in yemen during a u.s. air strike, officials say he was a top terrorist recruiter with direct ties to terrorist attacks in the u.s.. a similar allure was issued following the death of osama bin-laden. there were three scientists, including an american, won the nobel prize in american for their discoveries about the immune system. their
8:21 am
discoveries have opened new evidence for the treatment and prevention of diseases illnesses such as cancer. all three men are sharing the $1.5 million award. drug companies are using these discoveries to develop vaccines. in the long term it could be possible that their discoveries will improve treatment for cancer, retort arthritis and diabetes. >> ended this morning, u.s. secretary of defense leon panetta is making a trip in his opposition to israel and a jump start peace talks. it is important for the u.s. to help israel reestablish relations with the palestinians. >> my main message is, to both sides, you do not lose anything by going into negotiations and trying to pursue the peace process
8:22 am
that everyone in the world is hopeful can begin. >> after meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders he is expected to make a stop in israel. >> inspections at the washington monument are to be resumed today. doorstop on friday because of strong winds that actually blew a worker about 30 ft. away. he was not hurt. inspectors are assessing the outside of the monument fallen to 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck in august. they say that the structure is sound. 80 2:00 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. did you for waking up with the kron4 morning is. rain the forecast. eat
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>> what it all we know right now is this is an officer involved shooting. we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >> in the meantime, an eye on bay area sports. they were down 23-3 in the second half. the family are back
8:27 am
with more in a couple minutes we have seen rain starting in the north gate. we'll all get some and a lot of it by wednesday. court
8:28 am
8:29 am
with workers hottest ho wet cleaned and is updated
8:30 am
will definitely get bored on new-line wednesday. out deliberations in the amanda knox trial, the college student from seattle making a final plea in front of an appeals court in italy. should she was convicted of killing a british rate cut could go free today. today will begin the second week in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor, dr. conrad married.-ease claim to the death of the pop star in 2009. >> i am justine waldman with some new information on a routine news story that we just spoke about. shot the officer involved shootings and francisco. there is some
8:31 am
police activity. part of the area is blocked off. this is an officer involved shooting. a neighbor who lives in the area says the she heard screams and then saw someone lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood fats and then said that two people were taken away in ambulances and that a woman was handcuffed. if this is happening at the intersection of a funston and bob dole. we have a crew on the way to bring you more information on this officer: involved shooting in san >> breeze is courting the cannot reach the deficit reduction targets. that is putting the next round up financing in jeopardy. we did have a positive news in the united states, a growth in manufacturing during september. the dow is now
8:32 am
down just three at 10,910. >> we are live in the weather center with >>james: taking a look at this door. the pacing on this has changed a google bit? >> it has stalled just a touch. look at whether rain line is, near santa rosa, but it had a scare in has been hanging there for the last half hour without much progress. we are watching and waiting. just past healdsburg is where the rail line is, starting with the northern border of santa rosa. santa rosa you should be seeking this hopefully within the next half-hour. we are anticipating the rain to finally hit santa rosa in the next half-hour or so and then continued eastward progress. we have a 5 mi. per hour winds in nevada. eight to in fairfield. we do anticipate a win is
8:33 am
and the south bay, 65. this afternoon temperatures will look like this. the are very tightly grouped. here not a lot of areas at the coast. just about every part of the bay we have 65 for santa rosa and nevada. 66 in annapolis. a lot of those locations are within a couple of degrees of each other. not only do we have rain set for today, another round set for wednesday with a brief break on wednesday. wednesday storm is stronger and more intense. that is the one that will affect your morning commute. it breaks down coming up in my next update. as for the weekend, it looks like we will be ok. thursday and
8:34 am
friday, we get rid of the last bits of this system. a nice and sunny weekend for the blue angels and everything else the plan on doing. >> we are trapped in a hot spot on the nimitz freeway. the ride out of san leandro, this has been since our last report. we have been watching the backup build up southbound from san leandro through hayward. union city through fremont and continuing further south with 40 mandalay's being reported. that is not the total drive time, that is the additional time. you're looking at a 55-60 minute drive south bound. he will really lose some time and a sadly there are no good alternate routes. 680 is too far away but it is heavy sell about as well. a south bay hotspot is here on highway 85. if an earlier occurring accident at the and the city enough of the job of backing up traffic that now you have at this
8:35 am
date as well as the elephant. you will see this continue to move north. a drive time of 43 minutes on 85 the northbound heading from san jose to mountain view. that trip should take you 13 minutes. you are losing a half an hour on that drive this morning. if to 80 makes a lot more sense as an alternate route. if a quick rate check as we have first to the bay bridge for your westbound right. traffic is backed up to the macarthur maze. it is the 20-20 to drive coming from 580 and highway 24. interstate 80 or 80 are your best bet. the golden gate bridge once or one southbound here is breaking is with justine waldman. >> braking is into the
8:36 am
kron4 and we are hearing information about an officer involved shooting in san francisco. for joining us live on the assault is mindy to bring us the latest information. >> we are hearing that this is a stabbing in the shooting? compare >> police reported a stabbing. when we arrived on the scene there was an elderly stabbing victim outside the residence. fire and paramedic chris began working immediately on that patient. at that point our crews heard shots being fired. that brought out another elderly stabbing victim and a gunshot victim. >> has this person shot a police officer or
8:37 am
firefighter? >> there were no uniform numbers that were shot, that i am aware of. they were all involved in the original incident. >> has anyone been arrested?, not to my knowledge. >> a neighbor said they saw a lot of blood. >> i am not on the scene, i could not elaborate. >> as any to describe to the scene? >> they have not. >> we are hearing that people are supposed to be staying away in the neighborhood because the streets are block off to traffic. can you confirm that? >> yes. i can confirm that. >> 60 have any idea on the condition of the person injured? >> the first stabbing victim, from what i am told, was a non-life threatening injury.
8:38 am
>> looked into the call this a pretty new story for you. we have a group headed to the scene to give you more information on this shooting. when clean
8:39 am
8:40 am
sneakers all could mean
8:41 am
>> it dallas and now at 10,008 and 99. it looks to be a choppy day of trading. >> 8:41 a.m. tomalley are back with more a couple of a dead serious celerity pri's all other. that is our big story. asked we have they little bit of sun in san francisco. in the clouds clear looking at a rain rolling into the bay area today and wednesday. we will
8:42 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
♪ >> in san leandro, the search continues for suspects who shot and killed three people. bull trend is alive as initially deceitfully yesterday. >> this is an industrial area. nonetheless, there was a tattoo party on sunday morning. three victims were shot and killed. they just left the party when the two gunmen shot into the crowd and killed them and injured three other people. at this point a san leandro police department does not have a motive or any suspect when i get
8:46 am
more information i will be sort to pass along. >> we want to take a look at the weather. >> the system is getting stubborn and not moving as quickly as we would like it too. there is some cloud cover but it is not a forecast. we have been watching a line of showers or working its way slowly across northern california. here it is north of santa rosa.
8:47 am
>> of the storm could start breaking up, some of the latest data shows it could break up and get patchy later this afternoon. this story is, it will break away and get out of our hair but overnight. we are looking for this alaska just one day. wednesday's system will be stronger and much more intense. bases should be
8:48 am
stable and a beautiful for the blue angels. with all >> the drive time should be 45 against 50 minutes. it is now running 80-85 minutes. that is a bit delayed. you're right in the settled valley heading north into walnut creek city in 8 minute drive. instead, it
8:49 am
is running 18. an unexpected to delay. we have continuing delays in the south bay with a 45 minute drive time between los gatos and mt. view in the northbound direction. have year the news on traffic. this is a result of an earlier train accident. the accident is along clear. cut
8:50 am
>> amanda knox and the escorted into the courtroom looking nervous and distressed as she prepares for what must be the biggest speech of her life. 15 minutes is what she gets off to stand in front of this court and in her own words, try to convince the judges and jury-she did not kill or roommate. since the italian, and not delivered an emotional plea. lawrence >> i am not say i am. qr first, or violent, i
8:51 am
respect life and people. i have not done of these days to just i have done. we >> have not murdered, i have not read or stolen. i was not there! i was not present at the crime. >> her former boyfriend himself serving a 25 year sentence also faced the court and begging them for freedom. >> the charges against me are out of character. i always thought everything would be cleared up. that did not happen. we are back
8:52 am
with more of a couple of minutes. will cc1: top of the
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
kron4 to produce the. >> sleek flies into the bay area into the special events to start this thursday october 6th. the navy exhibition team will take to the skies between 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. thursday afternoon. the blue angels are back in the air friday afternoon fine-tuning them and everest's from 12:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.. this is going saturday and sunday,
8:56 am
oct. 80 at ninth. the parade of ships make their way under the golden gate bridge at 11:00 a.m.. the ships travel along the northern san francisco waterfront. fleetweek festivities continue on monday, october 10th with more tourists and the second annual fleetweek and a challenge from 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at golden gate park. all ships depart on tuesday. for a complete list of events in the times, had to our web site, and click on and fleetweek. grant lodes, kron4 news. >> watch live coverage of the blue angels drinks fleetweek this saturday at 3:00 p.m..
8:57 am
>> 80 7:00 a.m., we're back with more in a couple but it.
8:58 am
8:59 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area news channel, this is the kron 4 news. >> daria: the big news is that one is it going to rain? >> with fog and some clouds moving in right now. you can see that band of rainfall approaching us. as we take a closer look. it will pick up near hillsbo--burg petaluma and point reyes by noon, we could see some showers through the north bay. and spreading south
9:00 am
word. the best rain chances to be around noon. moderate but for the most part of light rain and even some lingering into tuesday. we are watching the second half of the day on tuesday. the heavier weather systems pushing in. that band of her red is indicating heavy downpour. strong wind. 1 in.-2 in. possible accumulation around the bay. with 58 degrees in san francisco, oakland, the the five degrees in santa rosa. 55-in santa rosa purifby this afterno- highs and a low 70's. and los gatos, san jose. with upper 60s for hayward, oakland, 62 degrees
9:01 am
along the coast in half moon bay. your seven day around the bay shows scattered shower activity today. perhaps the catch a break by the middle on tuesday but it will move in on wednesday, clearing on thursday. sunshine on thursday. time is 9:0 1:00 a.m. . >> we have some of major traffic between the 680 between danville and san ramon. heavy traffic southbound. the 880 is clearing out and also the highway 85 in the south bay. with the check of the bridges the bay bridge toll plaza still backed up to the edge of the macarthur. with 18-
9:02 am
20 minutes. the big back up this morning at the san mateo bridge is a nice alternative. not a problem on the approach. it comes to and from the 880 with 15 minutes. at the golden gate is problem-free. finally, the commute times are below 40 minutes from novado towards the golden gate from highway 37. a quick check from the south bay. as we look at the south bay freeways. the 280, the 101 northbound are looking good. let us go to the news room. >> thank you, breaking news and officer involved shooting in san francisco. three people are hurt. this technology than will show us exactly that this is on the corner of the balboa
9:03 am
and fulstom when officers arrived a man was stabbed lying on the stairs. and the older woman was also stabbed. when officers went for the stabbed victims, there were encountered by a man who also had knives. officers fired. the second female victim was not hurt. she was hiding for her safety in that apartment building. a news crew is on the way and will bring you more information. this officer involved shooting on the corner of balboa in san francisco's richmond district stay with us for that. >> mark: thank you. the weekend shooting in san leandro the search continues for the people firing those shots. it killed three people at this party. the
9:04 am
murder was right after 1:00 a.m. this was the scene, earlier. 16 year-old, alnesha worthington and a third person shot and killed. life will tran >> they took place in an industrial section near alvarado. it looks industrial with truck drivers coming and going. a highly unlikely place for a party to take place but it was a tattoo party. two suspects, you spoke of the three people that died and three interest with none-life threatening injuries. the san leandro police department do not have a motive behind this shooting or any descriptive as. they believe at least two different gunman. also kron 4 spoke to the father of one of the deceased. he believed that
9:05 am
the daughter his daughter, one of the deceased--was in the wrong place at the wrong time. perhaps the person that was the intended target got away. and we're still hoping to receive word the san leandro police department. it is still a developing story. >> mark: thank you. >> daria: 9:05 the live testimony from the dr. conrad murray. >> what were they doing? >> there were crying, fairly hysterical being comforted as somebody that was referred to as their nurse. >> do you hear anybody saying anything from the children? >> objection, sustained and that
9:06 am
calls for hearsay. please disregard. >> did you attempt to speak to the children at that time? >> sustained. >> you describe them as hysterical, crying? >> yes. >> thank you, nothing further, your honor. >> the cross examination by the defense mr. flanagan. (pause) >> and dr. cooper, have you been
9:07 am
reviewed and the documents prior to your testimony in this case? >> i reviewed my medical chart in the preliminary hearing testimony. >> your testimony at the preliminary hearing? >> yes. >> is there anything you'd like to correct regarding your preliminary testimony? >> there are probably things i would clarify if i had the testimony to go through page by page. >> but nothing that you would correct as being wrong? >> maybe there were statements that were " oversimplified ". >> here we are hearing the defense is the cross-examine this witness and emergency room physician. she was out the hospital when michael jackson was died. they are questioning cooper. we will keep you posted
9:08 am
throughout the morning. in 9:08 much more in a couple of minutes with the big story that is the weather. the slowdown. at least making it into san francisco with sunshine we will be back. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else? why did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance. i used that money to buy a falcon. ergo, you bought me a falcon. i should've got a falcon. most people who switch to state farm save on average about $480. what they do with it, well, that's their business. oh, that explains a lot, actually. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason
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>> mark: welcome back. gains and losses on the markets. now, the dow jones is down. manufacturing reports coming out for the month of september released this morning and also that the country of greece will not be able to meet deficit-reduction targets. their next bail out funds could be in jeopardy. also, the --yahoo and ali babba, a large retail website
9:12 am
express purchasing yahoo. >> in italy, amanda knox trial continues. and 2009, the final appeal these are her final words. >> voice of translaotr: >> i always wanted justice for her are not escaping the truth, i insist this is the truth. i insist my innocence is in a sense. because if it is true that it will be recognized. >> we could get the answer on the appeal as early as today. the jury could set her free or sentence her to life in prison. >> daria: will also work from meredyth's parents and family
9:13 am
she has been forgotten this hope high-profile trial. >> now, a final creeping it would be very presumptuous to give anything at this stage. i think what everything everybody needs to remember--is what my mom mentioned earlier is the brutality of what actually happened that night. and everything that amanda must have felt that night, the fear. and the terror and not knowing why. and she did not deserve that, nobody deserves that. >> mark: we will bring you the latest one the verdict comes down and kron 4 news will continue. sunshine through san francisco and rain and the north
9:14 am
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>> louisa: welcome back 9:17 overcast at the golden gate bridge. we're noticing an increase in that cloud coverage and the rainfall will moved into the north bay. just like rain already reported in the north bay. heavier mid-week. we will show you that stormtracker 4 were the rain band will be. no. word is were the heavier rain will be. no. word-and inching toward santa rosa, with places mirror highway 101 between santa rosa and pendulum on north ward and then press south worsouthbo. as far as rainfall totals? it
9:18 am
looks like three-quarters and santa rosa of a look a your difference. wednesday, we could actually see the rainfall totals well over 1 in. in places like san francisco. and it looks like we could top 2 in. in santa rosa and fairfield. a comparative amount. and we are also watching for snowfall in the sierras. if you are going up there? tire chain laws could be a good idea to inches-4 in. expected above the 6,000 ft. and even gusting winds expected up to 50 m.p.h.! certainly have those tire chains with you. certainly, 58 in san francisco, 57 degrees in half moon bay. your afternoon highs looks great, with 70's and even a bit more of a cool down before that with 60s
9:19 am
on wednesday. the heavier rainfall expected wednesday. clearing by thursday and the sunshine will rebound by the weekend. >> george? >> with no hot spots, no delays and even the bay bridge is starting to improve. 19 minutes, 18 minutes the drive time and better speeds in the heart of a toll plaza. these are opening up. it was earlier, backed up all the way to the mes. your san mateo bridge still looking good. if you would like to avoid the delay means the nimitz freeway is free. it was earlier backed up. your ride through the golden gate looks good. quite a bit of fog but no delays, no problem for the southbound. we will track your drive to the east bay as we look on interstate-680
9:20 am
the northbound. clear. south is also completely clear but a bit sluggish the will continue to improve it to go south towards the san ramon valley. the west 580 is nicely cleared out. just a little bit of slowing hear, hear, and the sonoma commute still north of 84 clearing out. leslie, the 101 is still sluggish are round millbrae. northbound and also southbound. >> daria: 9:20. on this date in 1995 o.j. simpson was acquitted of murder. this trial lasted nearly nine months. he was later found liable for damages in a civil trial. today is the anniversary of the day off and connection of a hotel robbery and las vegas in september 20th
9:21 am
07. he was possible sentence of to 33 years. >> rough weather in the skies. two different plans in boston had treatment for their passengers due to turbulence. severe turbulence. nine people from the san juan-pr = it just blew were injured. there were injured. one of from the jet blue spilled hot coffee. the other was a lufthansa going to munich, turni germany but had te diverted because of the turbulence-- >> inspections at the mall washington monument to see if it is structurally sound. they have already checked the inside it looks good. however, the wind on friday got so bad. it was
9:22 am
dangerous. the inside checked out fine and to the 5.8 magnitude august earthquake but they still need to check the outside. 1/2 >> mark: the bay area sports a huge comeback for the san francisco 49ers against the philadelphia eagles. 23-3, and the comeback for alex smith. as they scored touchdowns. san francisco 24, 23. with topping the nfc west. they also had the first to game winning streak on the road in five years. the oakland raiders taking on the new england and patriots. 226 passing yards for the new england patriots. two
9:23 am
interceptions, and also nine penalties for 85 yds for a personal foul by the richard seymour. writers equal to matth2 off. >> daria: our roof cam on van ness showing the city dome is starting to get a bit cloudy but we are still holding out. the rainfall is slowing down a bit we will be right back. ♪
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> daria: the u.s. is warning retaliation. american-born terrorist anwar al awlaki poses a safety threat to use the u.s.. similar to the osama bin laden assassination. >> mark: the secretary of
9:27 am
defense will be meeting with israeli/palestinian leaders for peace talks. for security reasons it is important for israel to establish peace relations with palestine. >> my important thing is that you do not lose anything by going into negotiations. and try to pursue peace negotiations. everybody in the world is hopeful that that can be again. >> mark: after meeting with leaders the commander is expected to stop in egypt to also meet with officials. >> daria: weather, traffic, the big news is the beautiful weather but the cloud moving in. with a one, two punch. with the rainfall coming in.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> daria: :9:29 big stories the
9:30 am
we're following at 9:29. the rainfall will be continuing with us monday, wednesday. deliberations began in the amanda knox appeal of her conviction. one last plea in front of an appeals court in italy. she is accused of killing her priggish roommate. >> mark: the rain in the north bay. -british roommate-- >> louisa: the band of rainfall is starting to approach the north bay. this band is expected to push its way south. really, is pushing towards the bay with santa rosa, and working 1 0 1 towards petaluma. at the best chance of showers will stay put into the north bay. a better chance of picking up some rain as we head into the afternoon. the peninsula-south. as we watch and head towards the inland
9:31 am
areas, scattered and light in nature. the potential of moderate down = downpour. that could of linger for tomorrow. released late tuesday into wednesday that we will see the heavy stuff pushing in. really--really late into tuesday. that red indicating some pretty heavy downpours at times. the yellow is indicating moderate/light downpour. the system on wednesday will be a stronger system. that can bring rainfall totals it to the north bay up to 2 in. in some areas. also, rainfall accumulations expected a look at your 7 day around the bay and active first
9:32 am
part of this week with some break here, there on tuesday. the heavy stuff will move through late tuesday into wednesday. a clear out on thursday and a beautiful weekend. george? >> better conditions for the bay bridge toll plaza. no more hot spots being tracked. this wait time is only 15-17 minutes for the westbound towards a 10:00 a.m. remember the toll will go down by 210:00 a.m.--so there could be a surge of commuters. also, the san mateo bridge not any problems. golden gate bridge = problem-free. we will show you through marin county but first, let us take a look in the
9:33 am
east bay. current conditions still heavy through livermore but the alta mont pass is cleared out. 680 south still some hesitation northbound, south is still a good draw accurate and once it was a hot spot on the nimitz southbound. --once, but it now a big improvement at 101/92. before and after. as we mentioned, the marin county with no hot spots or southbound. it is under 30 minutes from novado towards the golden gate. the time is 9:33. the latest. >> thank you i have new information of the breaking story. a man was shot by san francisco police this morning after allegedly stabbing to different people inside of a home in the inner abridgment
9:34 am
neighborhood. this map will show us in this--richmond neighborhood. it is on the corner of balboa. new information. when officers arrived an elderly man was stabbed with stab wounds. on his forearms. and also an elderly woman had stabbing wounds on her upper body. when they were attempting to help the elderly couple a suspect was waving knives and approaching the officers that is when the officers fired. they found a second female victim and not hurt hiking in the house. she believe is in her 30's these victims are all related. we are joined by lt. truck from the san francisco police department can you give us an update condition, the tenant? any of the victims including the
9:35 am
suspect. it is lt.-- >> these are non-life threatening injuries. i am understanding that they have been stitched up. the elderly couple however are both and life-threatening situations in the hospital. if >> reporter: okay. how about some information one of the officers found the suspects. first, they tried to fire beanbags and officers resorted to deadly force. >> yes. standard policy when there is a stabbing call to deploy the extended impact range weapon. which is a beanbag type of projectile as there were trying to pull the female victim to safety they were confronted by the male suspect. he he did
9:36 am
not fact comply. and with out having him threat the safety further, brutal force was imposed. >> everything is still under investigation as far as the motive. it is not confirm if their family, friends that will come out in the investigation that is ongoing. we will wait and see on that one but eight it is known that they do know each other. >> reporter: do you know which house/apartment lived there was a the suspect or the elderly victim? >> i do not have that information. of with the actual
9:37 am
occupant but it is early morning i am going to assume that it was the elderly couple that lived in the home. that is where >> reporter: they were reporter we're talking elderly can you give me a belt reach reach? >> i cannot have-the age range--the suspect is approximately 44. the other non- injured female = 30's. i do not have specific ages at this point. >> reporter: thank you. for people in that neighborhood is still an active seen. are you inviting people to stay away from this neighborhood. >> know. the se >> my answer is no. the area is cleared for everybody to come through that 600 block is closed because they are doing crime scene processing but we're not
9:38 am
looking for any additional suspects it is safe for people to move about. >> reporter: thank you, lieutenant. these elderly victim's heart and the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and the officer is expected to survive from the shooting. >> also, los angeles on foldi--s rachel cooper she is an emergency room technician. we are keeping our eye on what she has to say this morning as this trial enters its second week. we will be back
9:39 am
9:40 am
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>> reporter: fleet week starts this thursday when you can catch the blue angels making their first practice run over san francisco and the bay. they will take to the skies between 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. thursday afternoon. they will return friday afternoon:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m. saturday, sunday, october 8th at night is when things really get going with the parade of ships. 11:00 a.m. on saturday they will travel along the northern san francisco waterfront. all eyes will be on the fleet week air show saturday, sunday from 12:30-4:00 p.m. people are going to tour several naval ships docked along the embarcadero. the fleet week festivities continue monday, october 10th with the second annual fleet week banned challenge 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in
9:43 am
golden gate park. the bay and challenge. all ships depart on tuesday. for a complete list >> daria: click a fleet week. i'm grant lotus, kron 4 news. >> reporter: this just in to the kron 4 news room this massive chemical fire. live pictures and information that we have learned is a quick and fast-moving fire. is it a chemical manufacturing plant. schools are in the area and people are being asked to stay inside if there could be dangerous gases released into the air. there have ben reported of several large explosions. there have been several large
9:44 am
explosions. -those large dark plumes of dark smoke in thinote fitte the perfect amount of soap, and kills 99.9% of bacteria, helping to stop the spread of bacteria all over your home. for healthy tips and more, visit
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9:46 am
9:47 am
>> louisa: welcome back 9:47 we're socked in. and even starting off with some sprinkles in the north bay. more widespread by this afternoon. however, just light rain today. heavier expected by mid-week. we will start off with the satellite/radar. in the north bay is where most of the activity will be. as we take a closer look from petaluma, santa rosa, starting to pick up some sprinkles this morning. but widespread until this afternoon.
9:48 am
more rainfall totals will be anticipated this afternoon by noon. it will push its way towards the peninsula, and towards the evening. the evening commute could produce moderate downpours. not too long but still just light rain. lingering into tuesday. it looks like the heavy stock is pushing into wednesday. the futurecast showing that indicating red with pretty heavy downpour. we're certainly watching those rainfall totals pick up. 1 in.-2 in. expected from this system. and even a winter storm watch in the high country with 2 in.-4 in. expected about 6,000 ft. even gusting winds up wor--50 m.p.h.! and tire chain laws in effect bring them 61 degrees in
9:49 am
san francisco. 61 degrees in oakland. it looks like just as warm as we are going to get. scattered showers expected today. a break with just residual morainfall moving into tuesday night. with sunshine returning thursday. george? >> and nice clear out even at the bay bridge. no hotspots. it once peaked at over 20 minutes now, 30 minutes-50 minutes for the westbound. that backup is no longer with only 13 minutes-15 minutes right now. san mateo looking decent in both directions. problem-free = golden gate for the marin county. the east bay check as we look once again at the traffic
9:50 am
maps. in the south bay, the right on highway 880 the southbound. another hot spot still sluggish but well ahead of schedule. no. 101 has cleared out, nicely and also to 80 and highway 85. the east bay is checking that it is decent. also the highway 280. --towards the san ramon valley. towards the peninsula of the last check this is also clairemont, nicely. the 101 and u.s. 101 and state route 92. it looks great. interstate 280, northbound also looking good. and another update from justine. >> and massive chemical fire in dallas, tx. this black plumes of
9:51 am
smoke with new information it seems that a fire truck caught on fire. firefighters were trying to contain this please this large plume that you can see for miles. contain this-- pleasin with chemical fiber pla. this chemical ftire plant, and even explosions as this is spreading throughout the fir chemical plant fire. these live pictures coming in from texas. >> daria: governor jerry brown has signed a bill that will prevent local governments from banning male circumcision. this was written in a ballot measure in the san francisco. backers of the ballot have collected 7700
9:52 am
signatures to get on the november prelate to try to outlaw the circumcision of baby boys. it was later blocked by a judge. the supreme court begins a new term and at the disposing of appeals. 1000 cases that piled up over the summer. they are going to focus on the california plan to cut medicaid to dr. payments. to close the budget gap. whether or not medicaid recipients can block the reduction from taking effect that they violate the federal medicaid law. 9:52. let us take a live look outside. it is starting to cloud up.
9:53 am
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>> daria: the hot air balloon festival
9:56 am
>> the system massive california great great wall of fire is a homage 2,500 ft.. you know it is fall in albuquerque when you see this breathtaking sight. the international moan fiesta took flight. the event features hundreds of hot air balloons all round the world. there is a world record for just about anything even not shows. this concoction is the 1,100 lbs. of chips. 840 lbs. of cheese and 45 0 lbs. of salsa broke the guinness world record this weekend the massachusetts restaurant. was celebrating the return of not chose to its menu and raising money for charity return of its nachos--the
9:57 am
largest bikini parade on the sunday in australia. as you can imagine, the 350 beach clad attracted quite a crowd. >> that with the nachos and you got quite a party jolla >> the best view. we will get ready for the rain and the big storm. keep it here we will be back for you tomorrow. >> dr. phil coming up, next.
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